Carom3D 5.0

Carom3D is a pool game simulator very realistic to play online against others
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NEOACT Co., Ltd.

Are you a devoted fan of the famous game "pool"? If your answer is "yes", imagine that you can play your favorite game directly from your PC, and on this amazing game, you will be able to practice your more successful movements, playing against other skilled players around the world. That's exactly what Carom 3D let's you to do. You can play pool with a total control of your movements, and one of the best features is that you will have a great 3D perspective, so you will be able to rotate, zoom and move the camera as you desire.

With Carom 3D you can play pool offline with your friends or against your PC, but the best part, is that the application let's you to play online with a lot of players around the world. All you have to do is to register with a user name and password on the Carom3D's website, and then you will have access to different servers of Carom3D, where you can choose your opponents. Once your profile is created, the program will be able to save personal data like: number of games won or lost, game mode, etc., so you will be able to play against players with the same level of you.

Definitely, I'm totally sure that if you are a great fan of pool like me, you will really spend many hours playing on this amazing game.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Very realistic 3D Graphics
  • You can play online or offline


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